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An address is a distinctive identifier consisting of a specific sequence of characters that is used to send payments to a particular individual or organization. The unique sequence of characters is critical in securing the funds being transferred, and it typically requires a private key to access it. For instance, Bitcoin addresses begin with either the numbers 1 or 3 and are composed of 26-35 characters. On the other hand, Ethereum addresses always begin with the character ‘0x’ and have 40 characters. In summary, an address is a vital component of a payment system as it allows for the secure and accurate transfer of funds to the intended recipient. The unique sequence of characters makes it easier to identify and verify the receiver of the payment.

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All-Time High (ATH) is a term commonly used in finance to refer to the highest price that a financial instrument or asset has ever reached. This milestone represents the peak price level that an asset


An asset is an economic resource that can be owned or controlled with the expectation of generating a profit or future benefits. It refers to anything that you own and anticipate will either save you


When a trader or institution expresses their intention to purchase an asset or financial instrument from another trader, it is called an "ask". The "ask" price is also referred to as the "offer" price

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