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Trading made simple

Universe Trading

Join Universe Trading now and create smart and passive income streams!

What makes Universe Trading the right partner for your trading needs?

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Trade up your life!

Deposit today and our trading software will start working for you!

Discover the advantages of our unique technology and how partnering with us can help to achieve your goals.

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What is Universe Trading?

Universe Trading is a premium software provider for crypto and forex trading

The software trades fully automated 24/5 for the client in order to deliver maximum performance

Universe Trading does not charge any entry or monthly fees! Just use our software for free and be amazed

Our company is financed only by profit sharing. As a customer you receive 60% of all profits that our software generates for you. The remaining 40% is the so-called "Profitshare". This means: that we only grow when our customer grows

Just four simple steps to improve your earnings


Register for free on the Website


Enter your personal information (KYC)


Deposit funds via Fiat or Crypto


Move your deposited capital to our BTC or USD trading strategies

What is

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MyFxBook is an independent third-party tracking provider that allows all traders worldwide to connect their trading accounts to transparently document their own trading results independently.

Every single day/week/month even every single trade is publicly and transparently viewable.

MyFxBook is the most transparent platform available in the crypto and forex trading market.

Key Features

Join Universe Trading now and create smart and passive income streams!

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Customize your own Dashboard!

Add, edit, move and delete any widget, to create the ideal dashboard for your daily needs and intuitive usage.

Quick links

Trading accounts


And much more…

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Indepth Trade Analysis

Interactive performance monitoring, enabling you to strive and succeed in your trading journey.

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The safety of our clients funds is our number 1 priority!

This is enabled by:

2FA (Google Authenticator)

IP Whitelisting

Anti-Phishing Code

IP History

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Official App coming soon!

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Registration / Login

Open trading accounts


Connect to MAMs

Google 2FA/Face ID


Manage your clients

Homescreen Widgets


Adaptive Dashboard

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MAM Performance

Receive detailed performances graphs on every MAMs performance since inception.

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Offset your risk by splitting your funds between multiple accounts.

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Risk limits

Setup your own risk appetite, through predefined stop out levels.

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Instant KYC / KYB verification

IDWise supports 13,000+ ID documents in 200+ countries and territories. Bank-Grade certified Biometrics Checks
in seconds!

Verify via Web or mobile!

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Create your account

It has never been easier. Let our trading software work for you.

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